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Default Re: Helheim - lets burn some rubber

Originally Posted by Baalz View Post
Originally Posted by quantum_mechani View Post
Originally Posted by Baalz View Post
and hidden in the sand also makes sense when the earth gems start flowing.
I'm pretty doubtful about this, 75 earth gems is a lot. I don't generally use a lot of earth gem summons myself, but I have trouble seeing hidden in sand beating out, say, 40 living statues. Or 50 mech men (which go well with wrathful skies).
Well, it's definitely on the expensive side but don't forget it'll also nab you a fire/astral/earth/death mage which helps with your magic diversity and can often cast soul drain, vengeance of the dead, astral fires, and some other nice things Helheim can't otherwise easily field (and are thus unexpected). They also bring fire aura to the table which can be a nasty surprise people won't often expect from Helheim. 20-40 dust walkers aren't *that* expensive in that light, and they have the added advantage of costing much less mage time than the statues or mechanical men. Finally, they come with their own troop herder so that frees up a mage from that duty. That said, yes I agree that they wouldn't be my first choice for run of the mill fodder.
Well, you are already talking about pumping tartarians, at that point mage diversity doesn't seen so much an issue. 3-4 more mages turns isn't that much an investment either, adds up to probably less than 40 rp generally. I'll grant you hidden in sand is more fun though.
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