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Default Re: Experimental winSPWW2 EXE--May 15, 2018

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Since that rendering routine also allows sprite rotation, my next hacking at the game will be for vertically laid out terrain hexes, so you can have the normal "wargames table" game view where you are on the bottom of the map looking across from behind your troops at the enemy player opposite. That may work or turn out to be a can of worms...
If your saying what I am thinking your saying that will be totally awesome! I have always had a wish for the map to be oriented (flipped if you will) around so I can always head 'north'. Much like when I used to play SL and ASL, one would sit on his side of the map looking down, it gives a more 'normal' view of the war game map.

That would be freaking awesome.
Yes - that is what I am looking to do, if its possible.
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