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Default Re: APC Development and related topics.

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
I'm going to hold off on the WARRIOR SV, it won't meet our window for ops. There seems however to be info to support that the British are using WARRIORs with TOWs ( on board as they equipped them for the Kuwaitis on their DESERT WARRIORs. Maybe you (or someone else?) have better sources then I on this matter to meet the outline of info you require as discussed. I didn't see any for the British in the game unless I missed it. Also it would appear that the "Korean source" picture is correct for the Jordain M-60 PHOENIX (Post #13) and the picture I provided (Post #12) must be of one with add on armor protection. Links will show upgrades and images (to support the above), all from the manufacturer for the PHOENIX. and (3 Images)
My work is done here for now and will move onto the MRAPs which again should only be about five or six types. Hope to have them cross referenced and posted later this week before I leave for vacation to "the great white north". No response needed, I know you're in CRUNCH time.
Desert Warrior was an export-only item for 1 customer.

UK does not believe in APC with integrated ATGM, or ATGM integral to the rifle platoon. ATGM should be in own-unit support formations separate from the rifle platoon which can manoeuvre separately as required.

FRES Scout may (eventually) be decided some time in the next 2 or 3 years, after squillions have been p**sed down the drain over decades. Front runner seems to be a CV-90 with the 40mm CTWS turret. Maybe the 35mm. Choosing the 35mm bushmaster would be saner since it is used by many armies and the ammo is widely available, hence reasonable cost. 40CTWS would leave the army with a unique weapon system and calibre which is not good.

FRES APC is still further down the line it seems. The entire FRES programme has been a colossal waste of time and money. Only the UK MOD (which outnumbers the troops) could mis-manage this so wonderfully.

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