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Default Re: Byblical Mod Discussion (\"Moved\" from Dom3 for

Well, it is a rolling r in the sense that it is not the american r (which sounds a lot like a w).
It isn't a rolling r in the sense that it comes from the throat rather then the tongue.

And the language is obviously very different, considering how its roots are completely different: most Europian and American languages come from latin, while Hebrew (and arab langauges) have aramic roots AFAIK.
Its also one of the languages which is written Right To Left, rather than Left To Right.

Useless trivia: writing from right to left encourages the writer to use his left hand to write (because then it is easier to see what you just wrote, your hand isn't getting in the way.). And using your left hand is a sign of dominance of the right hemisphere of the brain (the one in charge of logical thinking [rather than emotional/creative thinking]).
Though even here in Israel the majority is with the right-handers.
I write with my left hand, so that is why I lack creativeness.

As for troops:
Shomer Shayarot = Caravan Guard
S'hir 'Herev = Mercenary ('h is pronounced like the spanish j. I know there's a dutch letter that fits more precisely the right sound, my guess is its also an h, or maybe ch or kh?)
Lo'hem = Warrior
Lo'hem Vatik = Veteran Warrior
Oman 'Herev = Swordmaster
Oman 'Haravot = Swordsmaster
'Ikar/'Havai/'Havay = Farmer (for a militia warrior)
Ro'e Tson = Ship Herder
Tsayad = Hunter
Ya'aran = Forester

That's all I have for names for now, feel free to pick a few up for use as names ^_^
I'm in the IDF. (So any new reply by me is a very rare event.)
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