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Default Re: Byblical Mod Discussion (\"Moved\" from Dom3 for

Impressing stuff guys.
Keep it going

Just throwing some ideas:
What about the high priests of Israel, the "Kohanim"?
Do you plan on making references to the tribes - Yehuda, binyamin etc.
For unique heroes, you may consider Moses (with mute affliction) and A'haron (I think it is Eron in english) the exodus heroes.
If it were possible to mod national spells it could have been interesting to give them "Kruvim" and "Seraphim" which are angles, guardians of the holy temple and high ranking in the angelic hierarchy.
No cavalry, no spears, no heavy armor so low prot but higher def and mobility.
Consider the siege at "Mesada" I'd give at least some of the troops some of the whatever bonuses possible vs. siege.
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