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Default Re: Dominions II In-Game Typos

Originally posted by HJ:
In the description of the spell "Royal power" with C'tissan Desert tombs theme, it says that "the effect is identical to Unholy Power". I'm guessing that the Unholy Power spell is the Ermorian Version of the C'tissan spell Power of the Grave. Since the unholy spells apparently have different names for C'tis and Ermor, the description should be "the effect is identical to Power of the Grave".
Also, Desert Tombs has two different unholy spells with the same name; one of them has incomplete spell effect description (it doesn't list all the normal stats of range, area of effect, precision and fatigue).

An unrelated typo: the description for female pretenders calls them "a Pretender Godess". That should be "Goddess".
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-- Dominions II spell manual
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