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Default Re: The Dominions of Khaldun

I just received mine yesterday (actually arrived on Saturday....just not to me )

Niarg, I was not expecting Agartha to be so hotly contested. I have had some fun playing around with some of the other nations yesterday, and so would not mind picking a different race.

I'll just have to do a little research tonight about which nation would fit best with a Ravid kinda guy

Ravid should have a magic background of Stone or water/air (whichever does the +dev) for the defensive bless and be able to cast high level air spells.

And I think he will like a nation of civilized, efficient peoples skilled in commerce and growth.
The more I think about it the less likely it is that Ravid would fine himself hanging with the Agarthans

Consider the Agarthan spot open, and please reserve the 'sidhe' race for me until I have a chance to check which nation that is, what they're like and officiate it, or another one
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