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Default (WIP) Campaign: Lvov to Berlin

I made a new Russian campaign. You might remember the "Za Rodinu!" campaign I made a while back (It's officially in the game now). While I do like it, it was also relatively short and very hard. I thought there should be a Russian campaign that is:
1. A bit more accessible to new players
2. More focused on tank vs tank combat
3. Longer and with more content

So I made this. I tested it and it works and is winnable. I still would like to have some more eyes on it though and gather some feedback, especially in regards to difficulty level.

The campaign goes into campaign slot 56.

"From Lvov to Berlin"

Russian Campaign

July 13th 1944 - April 30th 1945

Design by Ts4EVER

The Soviet-German conflict remains without equal in scale, both of the forces involved and the destruction wrought. This campaign depicts the final months of this war, which was characterised by the dissolution of German military might and crushing victories by the Red Army.

The First Ukrainian front started this last campaign in Poland and ended it at the gates of Berlin. On the way it had faced the best the Germans were able to throw at it and had fought in several significant tank battles. It was here that the Red army, after a dysmal showing at the start of the conflict, developed into a highly effective combined arms fighting force.

This campaign follows the exploits of a tank company and its supporting infantry in the First Ukranian front. You will command this force in 17 different battles, although some of them are only unlocked if you perform well in the battle before them. The campagn was made with the new player in mind: It is a lot more forgiving than my previous campaigns. You will receive 150 repair points for every battle and especially later in the war you will often be able to choose your support yourself. Expanding your core force is possible, but not necessary. You will generally be able to advance the campaign with any result except a decisive defeat. Any exception to this rule is noted in the mission briefing.

I hope you enjoy this campaign. If you want to give me feedback or suggestions for improvement, there is a thread on the official WinSPWW2 forums.
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