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Default Re: (WIP) Campaign: Lvov to Berlin

I do not see a spoiler button option to hide part of the thread. If I have to type "spoiler alert" manually I will do that.

I finished the 4th battle - DV
The KV-8s is an awesome machine. They worked to perfection. I did lose a tank (but not the crew!) and a carrier because I chose the wrong spots to smoke at the beginning. I'm always losing the tank hunters though they have done their job occasionally. As with earlier battles I was expecting more opposition even though I should've realized from the briefings that these are more pursuit/mop up operations than big battles.

I think this campaign is great for less experienced players. Every scenario requires use of different game concepts that we should all learn and understand. You have done a very nice job.

I really appreciate the work you put into it.
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