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Post Re: Battle Group HQ - Unit A0 Sub-formations

I built a BGHQ formation in a "free slot" without success. The game requires slot 1 to hold the BGHQ formation. When I built the BGHQ in a slot other than slot 1, the game changed Formation Type to 2 (Company).

Now, in the Purchase Screen of the Editor, the BGHQ built in a free slot will show as a company, however, the actual BGHQ will remain the formation in slot 1 (the default BGHQ.)

It is important to configure the BGHQ in slot 1 only as it appears the game will only load the BGHQ from alot 1.

Now, I have to finish purchasing the force, play the scenario, and ascertain how the HQ unit performed. I think the BGHQ unit from the modified BGHQ will act as the default BGHQ.

And, it is important to save the OOB with the modified BGHQ to a custom folder. I normally save off my modified OOB's in the custom folder by scenario.

These are my observations thus far.

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