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Fallout Re: Transport for U.S. Patriot Units-Update!

MEADS prepares for it's next critical phase when the C&C vehicle will be unveiled and tested in Italy, this will be important and I'm sure will be done in a timely manner before the U.S. and it's partners (Germany & Italy) decide on whether to proceed with the program or not. Program for now appears on track for complete systems integrated testing to start in mid 2012 @ White Sands, NM.
The system is still on my delete list though, only Italy has it. Also it's shown as a static and not mobile system in the game. The Osh-Kosh FMTV is still the likely launcher platform and ammo supply vehicle due to it's armored cab. If again the system survives the budget cutting ax, we won't see it fielded until 2015 - 2016 time frame.
Lockheed Martin is making a strong case with the PATRIOT PAC-3 but backing out of the MEADS program could cost in the 100's of millions of dollars, it's a toss up right now. UK MOD is the latest not to back out on a program, they will continue with building the two QUEEN ELISABETH Class carriers that are, not planned to go operational, only because it would cost more to stop the program then continue on with it.

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