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Default Re: Acceptable US Casualties Against 3rd World Armies

Originally Posted by Suhiir View Post
Originally Posted by IronDuke99 View Post
VERY good series !
Yes much of it is good.
I've now watched all of it and it was, in my opinion, very uneven.

The Four British Staff College officers were, with the partial exception of the last bloke, very, very, bland, using a lot of words to say not very much at all. And why no infantry office?

As an Englishman I am not in favour of supporting a German/EU desire (despite lacking the military strength to do so) to confront Russia in Eastern Europe, something for which the British Army is not suited in size, and that seems to me considerably less than vital to British, or even NATO, self interest.

The ex RAF Officer who predicted a 35,000 man British Army honestly horrified me. UK might, with a considerable increase in the Royal Navy (and perhaps the RAF) live with an Army of a regular strength of 70-80,000, since that is not so different from the general historical strength of the British Army in the UK when the British Army had to garrison an Empire, but any reduction much below this will make it useless for almost any serious military purpose.

I thought the CGS speech was so, so, good in parts but really rather too PC when talking about a military force that is designed, at the end of the day, to kill the enemy. As Rudyard Kipling, rightly said, "Single men in barracks don't grow into plaster Saints." Nor should we expect them too.
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