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Fallout Re: Error in Abn mtr unit?

I have always been driven by historical accuracy. One of my earliest experiences out here in that regard, was in my first Patch Post Pg. #1 & #2 concerning the, and as submitted...
A3. USA/JAN 1977 – DEC 1986/M60A1 RISE Passive/C4/RB 105mm L51 M68 w/63 Rds, M240 7.62mm w/5.9 Rds & M85 12.7mm w/900 Rds.

The issue would span +24hrs. This is where I first learned of the games need to compromise on certain aspects of the game. There are some worth while issues in those two pages of posts that some might find useful. Don really didn't say no to the tank but allowed me through the exchange to draw my own conclusions, and sort of left it up to me.

That tank is not in the game.

Go to the MRAP Thread and see how I fared there, it took me sometime too "get it" and I think that came from Marcello. I got beat up pretty bad concerning my questions there.

But I kept on going and would encourage you and anyone else to do the same here and in life in general.

But I've also been introspective, willing to work with others (Sometimes not always nicely. ) for the sake of the team and to understand the best way to get what you want is to be willing to compromise without compromising your beliefs.

The work is not always easy and sometimes not always fun. But the work has to get done regardless. Just to put together what I submitted in the most recent Patch Post was easily 12-14 hrs. Putting a plan together, back checking Posts for old data, finding new data etc. etc. and the MOST important thing, reading all of it to come to logical conclusion of all the data needed. And finally presenting it in a manner and format that makes it clear why you want it and how the game and players can benefit from it.

That's the reason so few of us do this work. And it doesn't just come from me and a "select few" others.

There are at 20+ pieces of equipment in the game because others in the Forum had openly in the threads asked me to look into them. And I was happy to do it because they took the time to ask about something that was missing and provided value to the game and players. That is without a doubt my favorite aspect to what I haven't done here in a longtime until recently.

Do the research, present it in a manner that everyone can understand in what you're trying to accomplish. Hope for the best, prepare to defend it but know when to compromise or let it go.

I'm still learning out here.

I also hope the questions (Not so much the complaints.) keep on coming. Because...

From NAVSUBSCH Groton, Ct...

"There is no stupid question, the only stupid question is the one not asked" followed normally by - Your lives and the lives of your crew might depend upon it.

"Always maintain a questioning attitude."

Boy don't they just love me at work for that sometimes!?!

And an extreme case of it but not lost at least by my generation of submariners is what the below touches on...

I cannot tell you or fully express it to you what the sacrifice of those men means to use. They axioms from above brought forth from week one and SUBSAFE has potentially and significantly reduced the odds of this kind of thing ever happening again. Even NASA used our standards (SUBSAFE) to investigate the CHALLENGER and COLUMBIA disasters.

Not much survives at 8400ft. below the surface @ ~3819 PSI, amazing what does and doesn't.
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But no amount pressure can subdue remembrances.

Over the "HUMP" but back at it well, later today.

Good Something everyone!

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

"Ex communi periculo, fraternitas" - My career long mentor and current friend -QMCM/SS M. Moher USN Ret..

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