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Default Re: Leo2A4 destroyed

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by RecruitMonty View Post
I've always wondered why the Bundeswehr has such high ratings post Cold War. Then again it is not like we ever really get to see them in action as such. Even in Afghanistan there wasn't much to report on.

If I handed out the morale/experience lists to 100 players to modify to what they believe would be correct I'm betting I would get back 101 different lists. Few of which would be anything more than personal opinion.

The lists in the game now are our "personal opinions" based on our observations and given the number of nations and the number of decades involved the chances of them being 100% correct is about as likely as anyone proving them 100% wrong.

So........ don't like our numbers? Simple----- put in your own troop quality numbers.
I don't mind and don't intend on changing them or suggesting they be changed. Makes for more entertaining games against the Russians the way things are at present.

The real thing would, of course, be over pretty quick any way. We all like our nukes, after all.
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