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Default Re: Realistic Artillery Management by a FOO

I can see where it would be difficult for one observer to call in artillery on more than one target. The whole, "Shot, over", "Shot, out", "Splash, over", "Splash, out" process when adjusting fire would get complicated if trying to deal with two targets. We never requested a sheaf type, so I figure that was based on target type and objective of the fire. Maybe decided at the FDC or something. Not sure.

One aspect of the SP artillery model that has drawn complaints is the wide spread of rounds coming from the same gun and guns within one battery. WinSPWW2 has tightened it up quite a bit. Use to be rounds from one gun could land far enough from the target hex to not even influence it. Rounds from an entire battery could impact in a circle with a 600m diameter. That rarely happens anymore and when it does, it's generally at a extreme range for the gun/mortar or the firing unit has poor accuracy. Artillery now is much more accurate than it use to be.

Still, one annoying aspect is having to readjust fire in what would in effect a continuing FFE. Basically, artillery is called by an observer who doesn't have line of sight. In theory, adjustments are being relayed to the observer by someone who does have LOS. First turn, rounds are off target. Second turn, after adjustment rounds are on target. All fire against that target after the second turn should be on target until the gun/battery fires elsewhere, but the adjustment process has to start all over again. Again, in theory, the azimuth and elevation on the guns haven't change so why have to adjust again? That's just how the model works and as players we except it. None of this is a factor if the observer has LOS because all rounds are pretty much on target.

As far as the God aspect of the game, isn't that a byproduct of most top down, turn based games and the time period? As the time period represented by the game gets closer to present, the less unrealistic it becomes. WinSPWW2 isn't nearly as bad as American Civil War games that have the same problem. Units in the woods still "know" the enemy flank is over the ridge ahead. This is when battlefield communications consisted of "wig-wag" and "runners". During WW2, radio communication became more common and allowed command to know what 1st platoon, Alpha company on the right flank and 3rd platoon, Charlie company on the left flank were dealing with. Although the information about Alpha's situation my not be directly passed to Charlie, they might pick it up by monitoring the net. Today, with computer systems and GPS, it's pretty easy to know where friendly and enemy units are and allowing the God-like approach.
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