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Default Re: Realistic Artillery Management by a FOO

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
That was called a "Crash Action" in commonwealth artillery units early on in WW2 and if you want to know just about everything there is to know about that and FOOing I would suggest the three book series by George G Blackburn.

This quote from "The Guns of Normandy"........"as early as the summer of 1942..." Every Troop in the regiment can routinely bring it's guns into action and get off the first round within 3 to 5 minutes of receiving such a target while travelling along a road ( Three minutes if there is no unusual delay because of terrain )"

That's one to two turns tops

Try that with the game. Set up 25 pounders "towed" by gun quads and run them down a road then deploy in a field. On the turn you do it you will not be able to call for indirect targets that turn but will have to wait for the next to call it then typically wait 2.2 turns before you will get the rounds on target so in that respect the game is a bit slow.
I knew there had to be something out there used by other nations. The periodic need by the military of all nations pretty much dictated there had to be, but I didn't know what it was called. I'm sure the Russians and Germans had different names as well.

The problem is there is ONE and only one "procedure" for arty in the game. There is no real attempt made to model how each nations artillery handled things like this and there were huge strides forward made in some nations between 1930 and 1946 in that regard and other nations didn't change much at all so every nation is treated the same which greatly handicaps the nations like Britian, and the commonwealth nation who had vastly superior methods of handling artillery. So in this game everyone is treated the same when everyone who's ever cracked open a book on the war knows there is no way The USA, Commonwealth, Germany, Russia and Japan had equal methods of handling arty.

But it's a game folks. Generally what we have works pretty well and we ARE aware of it's limitations

We are all just "spit balling" on things. I wouldn't realistically expect you to go and change everything to suit everyone's desires. One artillery model is fine. If you did separate models for each country, it would all go out the window as soon as the player finds an angle to exploit.

The game gives us infantry, armor and artillery, but every nation had different strategies on how they were employed. Players, on the other hand, do what they want. WinSPWW2 is a chess board with the units the pieces. It is up to the player whether than want to use the "Ruy Lopez" or the "Sicilian Attack"
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