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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma

Turn 3

Eight enemy tanks of various types moving east north of EW paved road. Five enemy Mk IIf tanks moving east on EW paved road. Both groups fall under the responsibility of Charlie. Deployed four tanks in a line on dirt road north of paved road. Four more took up position along train tracks northeast of village, but south of paved road. Remaining two tanks took up flank position southeast of village. A few shots were taken at the tanks the road, but no success. Enemy armored cars spotted near center objective group.

Bravo armor moved into position to engage enemy ACs, destroying three. There is one left near the objectives. Enemy tanks on northwest edge of town and three Mk IIc tanks are moving through town along the south road. I deployed my tanks to cover the east-west town roads as well as possible, but they aren't going into town until the infantry moves in.

Alpha is in position to deal with the enemy Mk IIc tanks. They shouldn't be a problem. Like Bravo, they are waiting for their infantry to take point moving into town.

One enemy tank spotted moving east on southern dirt road. Because of the dust plume on the road, I can't tell if there are other tanks following him, but it would be a good guess. Flank guard is on their own right now.

Enemy artillery firing at dust plumes my flank guards kicked up. Some 75mm rounds hit village on right flank. More were firing at the left flank transport as they withdrew. Rockets also hit in the area.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 3xSdKfz 231(6) armored cars destroyed.
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