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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma

Turn 4

Charlie has a handful to deal with. There are nine enemy tanks advancing east north of the paved road and another nine on the road. The number was higher, but they destroyed a couple of the light tanks. My guess is they ones north of the road will eventually turn toward the objectives, so I set the range on my ATGs in the flank guard to 250m. I don't want them giving up their position firing at front armor. Enemy artillery pounded the flank village, but missed my troops there. I've got two platoons of infantry moving into the village near the flags and one holding back in reserve. All the flags have been captured.

Bravo tanks destroyed the last enemy armored car. Otherwise, they held their position to let the infantry start moving into town. Enemy tanks approaching town from northwest are gone, so they must be in town. I can't see because of the smoking wreckage from the armored cars.

Three enemy tanks destroyed in town by Alpha tanks. Two more showed up, but won't last long. I sent four tanks out to the east bank of the stream to over-watch the south objective group while my infantry is moving into town. Two enemy tank destroyers seen moving toward town from the southwest.

Left flank guard sees five enemy light tanks moving up. I moved my ATGs out onto the road, one behind the other and set their ranges so they both will engage the same location at the same time. Scouts with satchel charges pulled back into the village and should get any tanks that try to push through. Artillery and rockets went after my transports again, but did nothing but make toothpicks. I have counter battery plotted on the rockets, but they might be out of ammo before it comes in.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 1xSdKfz 231(6) armored car, 3xPzKw IIc tanks and 2xPzKw IIf tanks destroyed.
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