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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Near Vyazma

Turn 7

Both sides scored in Charlie's sector, but the enemy took the worst end of it. I opened up with my ATGs and destroyed one tank and immobilized another. The enemy caught fire from two other directions, leaving seven other tanks in flames. Two more are immobilized. They didn't go without answering something. I lost two tanks as well, plus one with out a gun and another one undamaged, but running. My tank that routed was in the impact hex of 105mm artillery. On top of the tank immobilized earlier, Charlie is down to half strength in armor. Infantry on both sides also traded fire, but it was more of a side show to the main event played out by the tanks. I think it is time to send in my armor reserve. The diagonal paved road goes directly at the enemy. I'm going to send two companies up and hold one back in reserve, just in case.

Bravo was slinging steel into their sector, plus up into Charlie's sector. Three enemy tanks were destroyed in town and the enemy turned one flag. Seven flags and two building and the enemy captures one flag by plowing a tank into a building. Infantry got one of the enemy tanks. Since I saw seven tanks last turn, got three and see four, I don't think there are any other ones lurking in town. Bravo infantry is still engaged with enemy trying to move up the center road.

Alpha was busy putting fire on the south road, but didn't really do any meaningful damage. One enemy tank was holed about four times, but keep moving forward. I would have thought it would have run for home after that damage. Tank machine guns also fired at the enemy infantry to try to help the left flank guard.

On the south road, two Komsomolets came up and fired at enemy infantry moving east. After inflicting a couple of casualties, they seemed to stall the enemy advance. Their two remaining mobile tanks tried to move in, but my ATGs opened up taking one out. The third is out of LOS. Artillery and AA guns also engaged the enemy infantry, helping to slow them down.

One other note, two ME-109s came in and targeted an AA gun, destroying it.


Friendly: 2xT-34/76A tanks destroyed. Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 1xPzKw 38b(t), 8xPzKw IIIh, 1xPzKw IIIj and 1xPzKw IIf tanks destroyed. Estimated 15 casualties.
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