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Default Re: Dominions II: Technical/Hardware Issues

Jamie said:
This seems to be related to the above. In order to stop myself playing too much I tend to periodically wipe the game. On the last two reinstalls the game has run *grindingly* slow so as to be unplayable. I'm not talking about the battles, I don't even go there, its on everything. Even the start up screen. Just maximising the window makes the CPU grind away.

I'm running this on a Laptop with SuSE 10.1 that has an ATI Radeon 9000 in it. I have recently installed the new driver in this from ATi which to the best of my knowledge is running fine (e.g. fglrxinfo). It made no difference.

Note also the dom2 has run absolutely perfectly on this machine in the past. Indeed when I had Suse 9.1 on it I managed both states - perfect and grindingly slow without any significant system changes in between.

Hope someone can clarify this or at least give me a systematic way of uncovering the problem.

Might be the ATI. Bad openGL support. NVidia cards usually work much better in that regard. Try the troubleshooting threads. If nothing happens, PM me or post to the Dom3 forum. This one has been pretty much abandoned once people started to have Dom3s.
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