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Unhappy Re: CCCP vs NATO long campaign (1948-1991)


Youre right Suhiir...

Turn 5-37:

The Soviet forces put lot of pressure on the French.

The fight is difficult but we can advance a little bit each turn.

French mortars are deadly; an infantry section reinforcement and a AA unit are destroyed.

We spot smoke and call for air support: the sky is clear!? Few turn later, Il-10s drop 2 100kg bombs on each mortar.

On the ground, things are difficult: we loose another tank and many mens.

Soviet engineer open a way in mines field under heavy fire from the enemy on their flank.

Troops are exhausted and artillery will soon run out of ammunitions.

Carefully, we reach the small town who was almost empty; we take positions and will wait for reinforcement...

Unfortunately, the tank of Major Baturin run in mines and being imobilized.

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