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Smile Re: CCCP vs NATO long campaign (1948-1991)


Turn 38-END

Small town secured and soviet reinforcement arrived: we can move to our next objective: crossroad to the west.

After we sized the crossroad, french start attacking!

They put a lot of presure everywhere we are, espacially on the small town we captured.

We lost 2 infantry sections, 2 White scout cars, 2 MGs and a GAZ-69 during that very hard fight.

Major Baturin, 1 infantry section, the FO team and the crew of ammo crate resist; they are warheroes...

At the crossroad, this is the same thing... but the fresh troops, with tank support, still in position.

After that, everything become quiet and we sized every objectives points...

That one was hard...

Thank you,

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