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Fallout Re: T90 in Syrian Army

Here's a good one on their T-72 tanks dating back to the 1970's with some of the current local upgrades made to them. Overall they seem fairly useful against RPG's not so good against modern ATGW's (Or I would think, modern tank fire.). You have to admire "soldier ingenuity" on the fly.

And note the "honesty" statement they "plugged" into the article of the above ref., I like ownership of, well, anything you do in life.

A good article about Syrian T-90S tactical usage and loses. And also it serves as a good example of why I fully read my sources before making up my "calculus" for a piece of equipment.

I was just going to post it as is without comment, but, in hindsight, I'll just give it you straight. Note the transitions from the T-90A to T-90 back to the T-90A and this happens a couple of more times, until in the last set of paragraphs the author from this "think tank" finally must have "engaged" his brain, to report the correct tank which of course is the T-90S.

This is why I love OOB work so much , though I've seen this type of thing before, thankfully with as much data that's "come across my desk" over the years, it's a small percentage overall.

Thank God!

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