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Default Re: Q\'s about events

if you look at the events.txt, you'll see this :
Trigger X Type:
Item Given To Monster
Monster Killed
Monster Talked To About Topic
Quest Completed

//Character At Location
//Action At Location
//Item And Action At Location
//Monster at Location
//Spell Cast At Location
//Terrain Destroyed At Location
//Map Load
//Quest Completed

Result X Type:
Quest Completed
Quest Failed
Quest Visible True
Quest Visible False
Display Text
End Game
Play Music

//Transport Character
//Change Terrain
//Move Item
//Move Monster
//Enable/Disable Event
//Record Time
//Change Talk
//Display Special Effect

the ones with a // are those that were meant to be added, but currently won't work, sadly, the two things you want to do (character at location and change terrain (I think)) are currently not working

edit : looking at this again, the trigger seems to have two 'Quest Completed' events, one that works, and one that doesn't work?
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