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Default Re: Battle Simulator!

Originally posted by Joonie73:
Got it! Thanks so much!

Now one more question. I want to put these guys on one of the original Demo maps I am playing. Let's say, I am playing Jotunheim & want to use it on the Aran map. How do I do that? Is it pretty complicated?
I believe the only way to add units to a given nation is to force them to start in a given province, then add units there. You can give yourself whatever you want with this (and also add stuff to your opponents)

From the documentation (about DomI, but probably still valid) on Illwinter's site:

To force Jotunheim to start in, say, Province 100, add the line
#specstart 12 100
(12 was the nation number for Jotun in DomI: it may have changed, but I don't think so - the new nations are probably 14-16)

All this would be added to the "" file (or copy it to another name, edit it, change the
#dom2title Aran
line to another name - I don't know what will happen if two or more .map files list the same name)
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