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Default Request for auto backup of turn files

Seems to me that it would be very nice, and _very_ easy to implement, if the previous turn's turn file was backed up each turn.

The reason I say this is because when you connect with the server, the old turn file is wiped out, so you can't go back and verify things, especially if a commander / unit got wiped out.

This makes it difficult to verify bugs or to verify mistakes: if a battle goes catastrophically astray you can't look back to see what the command script was for dead commanders / squads.

For instance, a Pythium player recently reported 2 arch theurgs gatewaying to a fort that was being besieged, but the armies didn't arrive, the theurgs went into the fort all by their lonesome and were exterminated.

Maybe the armies were on a different couple of theurgs. Maybe they were on the ones he gatewayed, and actually did go poof. As things stand, it's impossible to really tell, unless a player was religiously backing up each turn file manually. This tends not to happen, because 99 point something percent of the time, there's no issues, so no one goes through the hassle.

But if a .brn (backup turn file) was deleted, and the current .trn file was renamed to .brn before the new turn file was sent by the server, then people could examine things that seemed weird and either determine why they happened, or determine that they might have a bug worth reporting.

(Technically, you'd want to check the current turn file against the previous turn file so files got deleted / renamed only when a new turn file was downloaded / generated, as opposed to each time a player connected to the server.)

I think this would go a long way toward helping players understand why things happened the way they did, and also sometimes help confirm a glitch or bug.
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