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Default Re: Balance Mod Available for SE:V

SE5 is certainly much more moddable than SE4, but you can't say SE5 is one of the most moddable strategy games like you could say of SE4 when it came out... Comparing modifying static text files with a little tiny bit of scripting (events and AI) to being able to program in entirely new types of game logic in any portion of the game engine is apples and oranges. You can't really alter the logic in the game engine in SE5.

Don't worry Kwok, this'll be my last post on this in this topic.

Ed Kolis said:
...Fall from Heaven mod for Civ4?

Make sure to get the FFH2 version, not version 1. FFH2 adds spellcasting, oh my! There is a Genetic Era mod for Warlords that, amongst other things, adds the ability to colonize sea terrain (late in the tech tree, but still). Sure, CTP did it first, but at least it can be "modded" in to Civ4 with the DLL SDK. There are all sorts of nifty little features that various people have made. Check out the Core Community Project for a sampling of them; it's an attempt to get a standardized DLL that different mods can use. There is a mercenaries mod, which adds a way to recruit mercenary units for gold. The Star Wars mod being developed uses it, for one.
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