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Default Re: Balance Mod Available for SE:V

Imperator Fyron said:
The data is stored in XML files (which you can add new tags to via hooks in the SDK), a lot of the game scripting is done in python files you can change, and much of the core game logic is in a C++ DLL file that there is a SDK for. Almost the entire game can be modified. It's approaching an open source app in terms of how alterable it is.
Which actually puts it beyond the reach of most of us.

I modded my own Civ I via hex-editing the game files, but actually accomplished a fair amount (tech tree, etc...) following pretty simple instructions widely available on the BBS pre-Internet of the time.

I modded the crap out of Civ II - that was truly easy to mod. I created wads of my own unit graphics, etc... The engine had its issues, but it was sure easy to mod the tech tree & units.

Civ III was moderately easy to add stuff rolled up by high-enders, but the learning curve for rolling my own units was too steep for my available time (gainfully employed professional with wife & two pre-pubescent kids). So, I just collected units toward the goal of having tribe-specific graphics for all units in all tribes.

Civ IV - fuggidaboudit! A tutorial for what you have to do to add a unit that somebody else rolled makes my eyes glaze over... The Civ III goal lives in spirit (my 3rd grade daughter has developed an interest in this sort of thing, and I'd love to give her the Civ IV of my dreams), but I can't see myself sorting it out...

As to SEV, frankly I love the modability of the data, but I tried my hand as doing flags today and didn't like my results - 3D ship models are clearly beyond my capabilities. So, I'm going to be relying on you high-enders to give me some good stuff!
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