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Default Jotunheim giants geared out to brawl?

Good idea or bad idea? I got a couple of the warrior priest commanders with swords of swiftness(2 attacks at 9 damage), the trampling boots, lucky coin shields, horror helm, a berserker pelt, and the ring that boost attack(blood magic one, can't recall the name...) and some"thingee" of magic resistance. Gave him hurler ballistics meatshields. They seems to be blazing a nice trail through ulm territory, even though half the meatshields are starving off in the wilderness the commander is still whuppin ***.

Few things, if he's size 4 he'll squash the regular ulm troops and most other human sized things with those boots, right? Anything he's going to get majorly hurt by? I only have about level 4 or 5 construction ATM, but what can I give him in the future(I need to look at that encyclomamual sometime )? If I gave one of them one of the better bows would they make good use of it even though they aren't archers normally? Like say I make a whole squad of cheap commanders with bows backed up by a couple of the jotun mages. And for future reference, the aquatic races can't forge bows?
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