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Default Re: Hot Keys - Quick Reference Sheet

I love the new hex grid on/off Hot Key. I prefer to play with hex grid off - as I can read the map better, especially the contour lines - and I quickly got used to moving units around without the hex grid. But I need to briefly turn it on once in while to help me count hexes to a suspected hidden ATk gun or MG; so the Hot Key works great, thanks guys.

In a similar way, I prefer to play with the ID Flags off. But it would be nice to just hit a button to briefly turn them on to double check units, that I've not missed someone; without having to go into preferences, turn ID flags on, back to the game, then back to Preferences again to turn ID flags off.

On a related topic for those interested, there's a cool ID flag mod, that makes the ID flags smaller and puts them over the top of units (which makes sense to me). Found here:

NB. Although the above site is mainly for SPWaW, there is a small SPWW2 area, and the flag mod is for SPWW2.

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