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Default Re: Realistic Infantry Ammunition Mod

Hi Marek,

I really don’t have a solid opinion on the SMG KILL values. One improvement at a time

I agree that ammo load-outs in recent years – especially with the lighter 5.56mm ammo and all the semi-auto weapons – is higher than WW2. I also agree that WW2 LMG reserves could be much larger in certain situations. E.g. Defensive positions, Para drops, or specific missions.

The figures I got for squad LMG ammo were quite solid for standard load-outs for WW2.
On a few occasions, the data I found even included how many LMG magazines each member of the squad would normally carry. Based on those figures, I’ve actually been a bit generous with a three man team carrying 60%

I found a source that showed the equipment weight and load-out for each member of a 1942 British section. With soldiers carrying a maximum of 4 Bren mags each, the average equipment weight was 63 lbs!

These 'real ammo' SP load-outs are supposed to represent a mobile squad. For defensive situations it’s quite possible to place ammo canisters at strategic points. Or on the offense, in longer battles, ammo carriers could be assigned one per company, if they’re needed.

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