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Default Re: WinSP Scenario Design Clinic

Somehow repeating a question I had recently, about AI attacking, as this seems to be working pretty randomly for me. Need to admin I haven't yet tried the waypoints method, as I am tend to create pretty massive scenarios and unfortunately waypoints didn't work fine for me for previous ones. Trying it out with 200+ is rather not encouraging unless I am 100% I do all the stuff correctly.

Situation is as follows: this is player advance vs. AI delay. AI has units deployed already on the map that are supposed to weaken and delay the player UNTILL the reinforcements arrive. Now, my question is: when AI receives the reinforcements and STILL owns majority of the flags, new-coming units will not react and just stay on their spawn points. If most V hexes are lost, then entire army (even the one that was supposed to delay further) is rushing forward.
I am interested in forcing reinforcements to immediate attack while leaving the remaining units to delay and hold till new units will pass through them. Is this complete-able any other method than waypoints? If not, then how to correctly assign waypoints to achieve best effects and make sure this works? Would be glad for deep explanation here or link to such, if possible.
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