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Default Re: Official release of the unofficial Dominions 3 Wiki

lch, thank you not only setting up the wiki but continuing to keep it running after you have moved on from Dom yourself (the same goes for everyone who keeps things running though they may no longer be active themselves). At first I didn't use it much because I was so used to using Edi's db as a reference but over time, as more things have been added, I've grown to appreciate it as a resource. It would definitely be a shame to lose it and I think your idea to move it to a hosting company is a good one.

What I'm wondering is, after the wiki has been migrated do you think it would be worthwhile to have a backup admin in case you no longer have the time to work on it in the future (though I think that the creator of something has the right to control it and if you would prefer to not to do so I can certainly respect that)? As you noted, Soy has put a lot of work into the wiki and comes to mind as a backup admin. Also Edi, as an unofficial representative of IW. The other thing is that you are among the most tech savvy of Dom players and I'm not sure just how important that factor is in being able to maintain the wiki.
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