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Default (full) conflict of time immemorial Noob Game EA no water Desura (6/6) CBM 1.94

General Game Information
Name of the Game - conflict of time immemorial
Network or PBEM - Llma servers
Hosting Schedule - 48h can ask for more.
Number of Players - 6 NO WATER NATION
Expected Commitment Level - Casual
Age - EA
Score Graphs - OFF
Re-Naming - On
"rest is settings default"

Map & link - Tear Of Heaven

Mods * link - CBM 1.94

Victory Conditions - 4 Capitols or you know giving up
Diplomacy - Non Binding. Trades are Binding
General Rules - Don't be a dick
Disallowed Exploits - Usual
Admin - GoodKnight
Co Admin - Anyone want to volunteer?
Player List

1. GoodKnight_IL - Abysia, Children of Flame (Duh )

2. Ogaburan - Arcoscephale, Golden Era

3. ~Tiamat~ - Niefelheim, Sons of Winter

4. Tygaros - C'tis, Lizard Kings

5. Skeywhy - Sauromatia, Amazon Queens


Good Luck and have fun!
Also if you want to add anything offer anything go right ahead!

Please respond on the desura forum so as to avoid confusion!

Thank u!

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