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Exclamation Re: Campaign: Review Unit

OK thanks. We are investigating. The issue seems to revolve around units that are destroyed but it's going to take awhile to pin down exactly. I did discover, as you did, that the problem goes away when units are fixed and does not affect the way the campaign runs and anyone who just automatically presses "fix all" or upgrades to a new unit are not likely to ever see a problem so this is not a "show stopper" issue but we will continue to investigate and get this sorted out.

However, If anyone else sees something like this please post a save of it. I *seems* it may be related to starting a campaign in one version of the game and upgrading and although that has not been confirmed it hasn't been ruled out either and I personally don't see how that could be the cause unless it involved a removed unit and I have found no evidence to support that.

I have started and played out at least a dozen campaign battles (using developer code that allows us to kill a unit and end the game at any victory condition at any time we want ) in both WW2 and MBT and so far they all review normally and I've only had one instance of " blank screen " and that was with the posted save game, not with one of my own and I have run that save a dozen or so times as well and again..only once did it blank for me and that was the first time I ran it. Nothing since, just the destroyed units showing SS ranks.


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