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Originally Posted by Warnevada View Post
The Fix All and the battle preceding it were on v10. I upgraded from 9 to 10 between battles.

Battles 1 - 5 were all meeting engagements and were fought on v9. Battle 6 was a special AI advance battle. I upgraded to v10 prior to starting the battle. Since it was a special battle I didn't get to fix my core force, so if the bug was there I didn't know it. At the end of battle 6 was where I encountered the bug. I fought battle 7, another meeting engagement, and at the end everything worked normally. I did another Fix All and got no blank screens.
I have encountered it twice in my test campaign. Both times it had cleared up after restarting the save from the end of the last battle which seems to indicate it's something saved in memory that is cleared when the "chain" is broken by restarting. It also makes it more difficult to track down since it's not repeatable but the "good" news is it has no effect on the campaign itself.

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