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at first i thought it is always the same people who do frustrated because of nothing, but you are absolutely correct and it is even worse:

The makers have totally forgotten that we spend a tremendious amount of cash some 15 years ago. They are laughing at us, you can bet that they're lying in a whirlpool just by now. Side by side with Amber, Tiffany and Helga "the danish pigtail Fury". Umbrella Drinks in their greedy fingers ... these Hustlers know how to blow one's money!

If they must, they would make another money-absorbing title. Alas! (I let myself be carried away ...)

Thought about it. Now i have come to the conclusion that there is no Tim Brooks, Don Goodbrand and Andrew Gailey. They simply do not exist! It is a long-term field trial of Berkeley Institute of Ethnology, they want to find out how many decades of Service we demand for 30 bucks. My great-grandson will, at some time, read this sentence and ask himself: "Damn, these guys are 211 years old and still offer updates?!"

One question arises prinzeugen, i have to ask you this: "If you don't like the annual changes Berkley offers, why not stay with the version you like?"
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