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Default Re: winSPWW2 V10.01 upgrade for 2017

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Anyone can edit the ini file but CD owners can do it from game options. That passage in the manual refers to the value that free game users can SEE in gameoptions but not adjust FROM gameoptions but a free gamer can open up the CamoGame.ini and edit in a change to AIAdjustPercent manually which is the way everyone had to do it before we added it to game options for CD owners

In a long campaign, if you were defending ( with for example - 4433 points ) and you had AI Advantage ( % of Points ) set to 200% the AI. as the assaulting side would get about 21122 points ( it will always vary a bit )

Assaulting players do not get 3x the points, it's closer to 2 3/4 X
Do you mean that the ratio for assault is different depending on if it is the AI or Human player assaulting ? x3 for AI assault and ~ x2.75 for human assault ?
If you leave the AI percent at 100% then the AI gets the same points as a human opponent.

However if you give the AI more by setting the AI Advantage variable then it'll obviously have more (or less if its under 100%) to spend. So if you have a meeting engagement versus the AI but have the AI Advantage set to 110 then the computer gets 10% more than you, if its 120 then it gets 20% more. Same goes for whatever battle type - it gets the basic points multiplied by the advantage you give it.

If you have the full CD version of the game then the variable is easily set on the Game Options programme's "misc" tab under AI Advantage. Owners of the Free Demo will have to manually edit it in the ini file as described in the game guide.
Yes I understand that. I must have misunderstood you.

If AI adjust is at 200% as in your example above and you are assaulted by the AI the AI should (since forever but I might be wrong) have 200% * 300% = 600% of your points. I don't see what the 2 3/4 x ratio is used for.
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