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Default Re: Rifle/SMG Effective Range

And comparing an SMG in weapon slot 2+ against the rifles in slot 1 is also superfluous.

As mentioned in the mobhack help somewhere - infantry prime weapons (rifle smg) in slot 1 are multiplied by number of firers (section size in other words) and this reduces as range does. Infantry prime weapons in slots >1 dont get multiplied. So if you want to compare a section with SMG against a same sized one with rifles - ensure your test items have them in slot 1 and have the same crew size.

As to the ranges - these are what was determined as maximum effective ranges by SSI back in the day. SMG 2-3 hexes, full-fat rifles at 10, assault rifle and carbines usually 8. LMG of the same calibre usually have a 2 hex advantage. The ranges are for game purposes, and have zero relation to how far a bullet might theoretically kill if it hit - a .22 rim-fire is able to kill at a mile, but the chance of a hit is negligible.
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