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Default Re: Rifle/SMG Effective Range

Originally Posted by Gerry1 View Post
I see the PPSh on there and some of the variations have the PPS. Would each of the 10 men have the smg? In one case there is a LMG so how many out of the 10 would man that?
Regarding the presence (or not) of the DP LMG, historically there were two types of SMG platoons in the Red Army: those that were fully armed with SMGs, and those that also had an LMG in every squad. And different close range anti-tank weapons were introduced as war progressed.

As for the issue of "how many guns a weapon slot entry represents", the rule of thumb is that one slot equals one weapon. The following exceptions apply:

1.) The weapon name or description mentions that it represents multiple guns. Examples include German panzergrenadiers with 2 MGs in single slot, US rifle squads with 2 or 3 BARs in single slot and various multi-barrel AA-weapons. In these cases the effect of multiple guns is represented in game terms with increased HE kill value.

2.) The weapon is infantry personal small arm (rifle, carbine, SMG etc.) present in weapon slot 1 of an infantry unit. In this case the entry means that every man in the unit is treated as being armed with the weapon in question, and the effect of the weapon is multiplied by up to the number of men left in the unit.

3.) Multiple rocket launchers: in this case a single weapon entry represents a number of launch tubes/rails.

4.) Certain aircraft armaments, which use the AP ammo slot to designate the number of guns of certain type present.

When a slot represents munitions that can be used on their own (hand grenades, satchel charges, panzerfausts etc.) without a need for an external launcher, they are still treated as one weapon per entry for the game purposes.
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