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Default Re: Campaign thunder in the sinai"

Great hints chap, I usually run soviets equipped forces, so these woul be usefull also in other battles.

Well, I finished the battle in a draw, and the campaign was over after this battle, I found it very challenging and maybe I could re-do it.
To be honest I have destroyed a lot of Israeli tanks and troops, they were badly mauled when the battle finished; also my guys, mainly tanks, were in a bad status.

My force was:
Full coy of T62
Full mech coy on OT62 with guns
Mech support coy with malyutkas, rpg and etc
2 engi sect on OT62
4 zsu 57-2

A little recap: I left the chinese farm unguarded and rushed the ATGM armed infantry in the center, switching of the ATGMs; in the meantime T62 sneak alog a low cresr to reach the suez cuttings
The battle go pretty straight, I use ATGMs only with 60% or more hit probability and keep T62 behind the crest ready to flank the Israeli tanks.

Now the tankers, also my experienced T62, can't it a barn in the middle of nowhere, I pop-up them from the crest achiving a couple of good kill against Pattons, then they start to hit no-one, in commanded fire nor in overwatch fire,nothing.
The move was smart and ,with a slightly better fire control or better crews, it would have been a winning blow...but it was not, I lose all my T62...

A couple of question:

How can I filter the objective for my weapons?
Is it possible to save Sabot or Heat ammo?
I totally don't understand how the close assault work ( but the Israeli know...coz they burn a lot of things'
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