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Default Re: Height Maps

I have 2 work arounds for making the maps with 1 monitor.

The first is simply to zoom in to where the grid is legible but covers a good sized area and print ou the screen image.

The second is involves using Photoshop. I open PS and create a new project (paper sized) and then I open my browser and go to the map maker website. When I have my location set I start in the lower left hand area of the 'map zone' and zoom in to a level that the grid appears legible. I then 'Print Screen' and switch to PS. I 'Paste' into the new document the screen shot, trim off the none map zone area of the image and print it out.
Reset view with a slight overlap and repeat.
Using a new layer each time I can sometimes get multiple zones on a single sheet of paper.

The second method (PS) is simply to reduce the amount of printing and paper shuffling. The first method is quicker but will take a lot of paper with a relatively small strip of the map on each page.

This way I can be in WINSP making a map and have a paper reference of the area I am making. I may not be an ideal work around for everyone and Sometimes I need a magnifier glass to read the details but it enables me to stay making the map and not constantly exiting WINSP to check the grid details with 1 monitor.

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