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Default Scenario and Campaign creation (AUX how to?)

So I have almost completed 24 of the Panzer scenario I am converting (will post those when I am 100% done play testing them). In the last batch there are two scenarios and they are linkable, plus Wulfir's playtesting, encouragement and ideas sparked me to create campaigns. So I decided to give it a go.

So for the first one I have 5 linked scenarios, for the first one when I created it in the scenario editor for the engineer platoon, two artillery (OBA) and air strike I set them as AUX. But in the campaign I created they don't show up at all, in fact I see the flag Id's of the platoon but not the units them selves. I also don't see the artillery I plotted (it's needed for the smoke).

Is there something else I need to do to get the AUX units to show up? I wonder if I should change the campaign to a fixed core instead?

Okay I changed it to fixed core and I still don't see them.

Here are some screen shots of the in game editing where I set them to AUX.

These two links show the Bombardment screen where I set them to AUX (used the 9 key):!AiSjv0_WD-X35TNwS23nu9xQBgq4!AiSjv0_WD-X35TSXlpeIyixJV3jz

This one shows the engineer platoon and it is set to AUX:!AiSjv0_WD-X35TJY5e1XGx8njMk1

Thanks in advance.
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