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Default Re: Operation Iraqi Freedom - Swedish' taskforce


Following the two intensive months of combat, the Swedish’ taskforce experienced a long period of relative peace and calm - finally a breather for the Swedish’ soldiers, who had both seen horrible things and lost comrades and good friends among the ranks. By a miracle, despite of suicide bombers and IEDs, not a single soldier or vehicle was lost during the final four months period of service - only a dozen or so soldiers being wounded.

At home public opinion, driven on by the families of the fallen soldiers, went against the Swedish’ presence in Iraq and demands for the Swedish’ government to rotate the Swedish’ taskforce home and end the military mission. Thus, in September of 2003, the remaining Swedish’ troops in Iraq were gradually flown home and its equipment with it.

For the Swedish’ Ministry of Defence and for the Swedish’ Armed Forces, the experiences won by the taskforce proved invaluable and the lessons learned were put to good use in the training of future soldiers. The 179 fallen soldiers were honoured for their ultimate sacrifice and were all given military honour funerals.

The MBT battalion had managed to destroy 378 MBTs, AFVs and APCs as well as 51 anti-aircraft guns and 18 mortar positions. The commander of the battalion, Major Henriksson, was credited with 41 destroyed armoured combat vehicles and became the top tank ace of the Swedish’ taskforce. The remaining 19 tank crews also received tank ace status, with the top eight of them destroying 20+ MBTs, AFVs and APCs each.

With these words I’ll return to Steel Panther WW2 and my 28. Panzer-Division AAR, which as been paused so far. On occasion I’ll return to Steel Panther MBT with another short AAR series. I hope that you've enjoyed my AAR, and if you want to you are more than welcome to write a comment about it.

Cheers, Taskforce
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