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Default Re: Libya 2011 Noob AAR Campaign

Turn 11 - 14

With the remaining Libyan armour on The hill in cover including their sole T62, Fatah hopes they might be utilised in a counter attack once Algerian troops scramble into close combat with his infantry.

Sporadic gunfire is exchanged, men keeping their heads ducked under cover. Trucks race to collect HMG teams and snipers safe guarding the artillery. Every man is needed now in The Fort.

In the far South the scouts in the truck observe to their horror, a mass of Algerian troops (some seventy) bypassing The Fort altogether – what if they press their attack towards the artillery to our rear?

The northern wing captures a few more disorganised groups of Algerian light infantry and mortar. Most of them dropping their weapons before the sight of BMPS and armour.

Algerian fire-power intensifies against the Libyan infantry deployed along The Fort, in the face of enemy HMG fire, several of the men break.

A trick forms as a mass as Libyan men scramble towards the cover of the retreated armour vehicles. It appears that defences of The Fort are on the verge of crumbling.

To the rear vehicles scramble to collect men to reinforce The Fort.

The Northern Wing begin to descend from the North of the Map southwards, and encounter a St. Pantsir, a sophisticated Anti Air system. Wary of this enemy vehicle the BMPS and T62's exchange fire at some distance striking several of the Algerian crewmen but leaving the vehicle unharmed.

Finally our artillery comes back into action as mortars and shells crash among the advancing Algerian infantry slowing their assault into a crawl. Sheepishly our retreating infantry fire back from the ruined husks of their burning tanks.

There is no doubt that if the Algerian infantry spotted South of the The Fort attack, the defences will collapse immediately. As it is with the battle for The Fort slowly slipping from victory, Fatah makes hasty plans to retreat the Southern Wing to a nearby smaller hill.

The St. Pantsir system finally bursts into a ball of flame as a T-62 shot finds its mark. As the BMP's race forward, troops disembark to spot hidden enemy units. The soldiers rush bak inside as unseen foes spray there positions with machine gun fire.

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter, all a matter of taste?
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