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Default Irrevocable Actions?

This post of Soy's (my incorrect assumption that a strategic map shape change, which can be undone, would preserve originally carried items) leads me to wonder how many turn-based actions cause a change which cannot be undone? You would have to do a reload & restart turn to back out of it. Are there many things like this --- mostly you can change your mind to your heart's content? I can think of:
  • Example like shape change, perhaps others, where a carried item could be lost and you can't retrieve it.
  • Converting gems between themselves or into money.
  • Giving someone a cursed item.
  • Giving a mercenary some gems/items.
  • Accidentally click on item "throw away" (trivial, but annoying!)

Anything else "non-trivial" I ought to know about which could mean turn restarting (SP!)?
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