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Default Re: Themes

Lets just say that Pythum has a nice theme I really like (won my first game with it). You have less special commanders (not units) but you get a special mage-priest commander with poison immunity (priest level 3, level 1 water, level 2 nature and has a random magic pick as well). So its great all around unit that costs only 180 gold! Itís going to be hard to stop them when they lead Hydras, trust me, and they are excellent for taking care of Ermor. I was even able to take out Atlantians with them since they have water magic; well them and sea troll kings .

Also they are possibly the shortest path to mass produce vine men/ogres since they can get level 3 nature, make a staff that gives you nature +1, then make a staff that gives you nature +2 and bonus to summoning vine men/ogres (you need level 4 in nature to make this staff), and make a crown of ivy king that gives additional bonus (or just summon ivy king - you need level 5 in nature which that staff will give). I know that ivy king with that staff could summon 6 ogres in 1 turn costing only 1 nature gem! And my mage with crown and staff could summon 7 vine men (not as much ogres as ivy king) per turn. So you get army real fast that costs almost nothing in gold or supplies. Best thing to stop Ermor in its tracks since those armies wont care for lack of supplies in their territories.
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