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Default Update to version 0.9

Update to version 0.9:
-> Update 8.10 Magic Path Booster Guide
-> add 10.12 Eternal Knights & Gift of Reason
-> add Guiding Jomon
-> add 1.7 Horror Harmonica and/or Carcator the pocket lich
-> add EA Agartha: The Ancient Lord SC.
-> add LA Tien Chi: Barbarian Kings Strategy Guide 2.0
-> add LA Man - Death and Taxes
-> add 1.8 Sieges
-> add 1.5.2 Ankh
-> add 1.9 Scouting, Intelligence
-> add "Article Author" entries for all the new articles.
Note, if an article you wrote appears w/o this entry please notify me and I'll fix this.
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