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Default Re: Xerathul\'s revenge (module discussion thread)

Originally posted by DarkStar:

One of my main problems is that the weapon store never seems to have any scepters in stock.
I just checked, they are for sale in Azrad's magic store ( the building you start right next to). I hope that makes the game a bit easier.
Originally posted by DarkStar:

For example Enchant Fire or whatever that spell was that adds fire damage to weapon attacks. I'm not seeing that happen, it seems like I'm just getting the normal damage from the scepter, without the extra fire damage. The spell is listed as always on, so not sure what the problem is there, if any.
I just looked at it, I made a small change to classes.txt that made fire enchant available as a starting skill. It worked perfectly. ( I did get an animation for fire damage upon hitting the target, and the extra damage was applied). I'll run some more tests under different conditions.

Does anyone else have problems with spells under the new system?
Dungeon odyssey modules:

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Xerathul's Revenge v0.5
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