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Default Various aircraft issues

The A-26 Invader in the US Army OOB (Unit 092) has its gun armament of 4 20mm cannons. This is the fixed forward-firing armament of the XA-26A, of which only two were completed before development was canceled in favor of the existing P-61. All other A-26s with forward firing armament were all armed with .50 caliber machine guns. Early A-26Bs had six, while later production aircraft had 8. Additionally early on 2 gun packs were installed, two to each wing, for a total of 8 additional guns. These packs were eventually replaced with six fixed guns, three in each wing, because of the serious effects on performance experienced by gun pack equiped aircraft.

For my own personal use I had added the following armament configurations:

-Standard 6 gun nose (modified 092 to this standard)
-6 gun nose with gun packs (8 guns in wep slot 2, speed decreased to 5)
-8 gun nose with fixed guns (essentially a reversal of the previous entry, 8 guns in slot 1, 6 in slot 2, no speed reduction)
-Standard 8 gun nose, w/o fixed guns

I had also added the A-26C as a level bomber.
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